The human being is structurally defined by the spine. Our back bones carry our autonomic nervous system, which connects our brain to every part of our body. The part our back plays in mobility and bearing cannot be overestimated. This is why, as many readers will have experienced, when our backs go bung, we fall in a heap, quite literally. I am reminded of that Gary Larson cartoon about ‘the boneless chicken ranch’, and all these sacks of fowl lying about. Back pain in Australia costs business some $8 billion annually, according to research conducted by The Konekt Market Report. Bad backs are big bucks for healthcare professionals, however.

Sedentary Lifestyles Bad for Our Health

This is a serious sum of money to consider; and it is only going to grow while we continue to sit on our behinds in front of computer screens all day long. The sedentary lifestyle is killing us. All the labour-saving devices and technologies invented over the last century have contributed to us being overweight and unfit. We are, essentially, big brained monkeys and we need to move our bodies for optimal health. The stress that accompanies our stationary seated positions is doubly worse for our hearts and circulation. Our backs do not appreciate being bent into the shape of chairs for prolonged periods.

Bad Back Treatments in Australia

Chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths are all benefitting from our bad backs. Government figures estimate that some 3.7 million Australians have back problems, according to data from 2014-15. Back injuries and strains are painful and too many Aussies turn to painkillers prescribed by their GPs. These drugs do not necessarily help treat the back problem, but, rather, reduce the pain. Osteopaths and chiropractors are more likely to provide drug-free treatments for bad backs. Check out this online for information about the services of a well-respected Sydney osteopathic clinic.

Exercise Can Beat the Bad Back Dilemma

What can be done about this health scourge affecting so many Australians? The biggest change we need is in the modern office workplace. We need to assist employers in redesigning work stations to get us all up off our bottoms. In addition, we all need to get the message about taking breaks every 20 minutes, so that workers get up and stretch and move about. Too many people eat sweets or fast food to break up their working days. Exercise is the smarter and healthier way to combat bad back disease. There are more than 8 billion reasons to make this a top priority.


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