Children and concepts of artificial intelligence take to like ducks to water. Children are very fast thinkers. They seem to understand and accept concepts at a faster rate than adults do. Their development and abilities, although varying from child to child, can be brisk and rapid. We celebrate their milestones and many firsts as if it was ours. And we try to satisfy all their needs and give them the best we can. This goes the same for their curiosity. But somehow with the technology that is available and parents sometimes being old school, we can fall behind on this aspect. 

Artificial intelligence for example. Bad enough that we have to learn the hot keys for documents and things we need for work. Being introduced to this totally new concept can be intimidating. More so for the adults than the kids. Children are always willing to adapt. Children and concepts of Artificial Intelligence have a tendency to get along swimmingly. Artificial Intelligence in broad terms is an ability of a machine or computer program to think and learn. It is not just programming what we want on the computer but it having to discern on its own. To have its own perception. Its main goals include planning, learning, object manipulation etc. Getting to human level intelligence, though, is a long time coming still. 


There are programs to introduce our little ones into the basics of Artificial Intelligence. Even in the busy cities like Sydney, incursions, excursions, classes and workshops are available to teach key scientific concepts of AI. This is a good starting point for the fundamentals of AI and the applications it can be used in.

A good example of Artificial Intelligence is Echo, better known as Alexa. You ask it whatever or command to perform something and it does. Predicting weather ten years ago was hard, now you can ask and get told of the forecast by a tin. Where you used to type out your query or ask for news, you just ask SIRI. But these are all new and updated AI examples. Still it serves as a fantastic reminder of what the future holds for artificial intelligence.

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