The Earth is getting smaller. Not literally, figuratively. What once was divided by land mass, is now overcome by flying internationally. The experience and cuisine now so readily available. Businesses easier to run from anywhere. It is almost easy not to miss home. It is now easier than ever to move from one place to another. To uproot yourself.  To go and find a new home, a new base. Moving to Sydney from South Africa is an experience.  Depending on where exactly you are from, can be a love-hate relationship.

Everything is more expensive in Sydney. The housing, food, medical services. These are very expensive in Sydney compared to South Africa. Sydney has the largest South African-born occupants followed by Perth. Many of them came over after Nelson Mandela’s election. 

It might be a lot cheaper living in South Africa. But there are more occurrence of crimes there. And some of the stories are enough to fill a season of Crime Scene Investigation. Strict laws and papered documents means you can walk safely along Sydney streets at night and not be bothered. 

Both Australia and South Africa have big, sprawling spaces. Both have a definite fascination with sports and a love of the outdoors. This may have to do with the almost unlimited sunshine, friendly demeanor, and a certain appeal for drinks. Oh, and barbecues!Moving-To-Sydney-From-South-Africa

South African food is readily available in Sydney. It is not hard to look for South African groceries or even those dried, cured South African Biltong, boerewors, drywors, snapsticks the works! They even have those spreads and chocolates we love.

There are groups that include people who have recently moved to Sydney from South Africa. There are dance clubs, South African communities, even networking groups and more. Moving to Sydney from South Africa can be hard financially. There will be differences but the multiculturalism, safety and overall freedom more than makes up for living in uncertainty.

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