Terrorism and cybercrime have firmly put the protection and security sectors on red alert for increased revenue and profits. Consumers, both domestic and commercial, are much more aware of potential dangers to their property and personal safety in the 21C. Gone are the good old days of leaving the family home unlocked. All stratas of society are far more likely to have invested money securing their homes and property. Locks on doors, gates and windows are the norm in the suburbs. The burgeoning popularity of digital security cameras for CCTV has average Joe and Joanne watching their homes and businesses via screens on their phones and devices. The protection and security sectors are soaring in the 21C.

Encryption Breaking on the Australian Agenda

Encryption is in the news at the moment, here in Australia. Government has been warned by police and security agencies that they need new legislation to allow them to monitor communications of potential terrorists and child sex offenders. Will it end there, I wonder, or will they gradually extend these powers to you and me? Privacy vs security is a pertinent societal evaluation right now. What is more important, the removal of your right to privacy, or reducing the already unlikely chance of being killed by terrorists in Australia?

Hook Up with Your Local Locksmith

Basic deadlock security remains in the hands of your local locksmith. It is advisable to form a solid relationship with a trusted locksmith. Someone you can rely upon to secure your residence, vehicle and business, is a very useful professional to have in your immediate circle. Click here for more to see an example of just such an individual in Sydney’s south. Protecting your family and property is a pretty basic requirement. There are a number of products and protocols that you can take to ensure the security of your loved ones and your realm.

A Demand for Greater Digital Security

The business of security and protection is a growth area. If you are looking for a profitable industry to enter, this offers solid rewards. There is a huge push for greater digital security at every level of the IT market. Government agencies are faced with security challenges right across the board. Private corporations are ramping up their investment in security at all levels. As we move away from bricks and mortar solutions to things and move more deeply into the virtual realm, cybersecurity becomes, even, more essential.


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