Back injuries are the most common forms of work-related injuries and injuries from accidents. If there are around 3.7 million Australians suffering from a back complaint, which is 2014/15 data from the ABS, then, spinal injuries are very prevalent. Our spines are the back bone of the human body, to risk a poor pun to emphasise my point. Everything hangs off our back bone and our nervous system is interconnected via our spinal column. The legal profession, and the compensation side of it in particular, is very familiar with the importance of the back to our health and wellbeing. The law has your back: Legal compensation for injury.

Back Injury Incapacity

The thing about a having a bad back, it is very difficult to function with one. Working and getting around becomes painfully challenging. Holding down your job with a spinal condition is no easy feat. This is why it is essential to get the rightful compensation that you may be entitled to from your accident or work-related injury. Back injuries can vary in seriousness and severity. Medical professionals are required to diagnose and confirm the extent of your spinal injury or condition, when making a compensation claim.

Compensation Law in Australia in Record Form

Check out this example of a fine compensation law firm in Adelaide. The Australian compensation law sector has come along in leaps and bounds of late. Some expert commentators claim that this nation is, now, the second most litigious country after the United States. We have quickly come to appreciate the merits of claims for WorkSafe compensation, medical negligence, no fault accident injuries and the like. If you have a pain in the back, which is the result of one of these no-fault situations, then, a compensation lawyer may well be able to help you.

Back Pocket Pain for Nurofen

Back injuries can be acutely painful and debilitating for those unlucky enough to suffer from them. Many subcontractors and tradespeople end up with bad backs from the nature of their work. Physically demanding and dangerous vocations can render their subjects unable to work and earn an income from their occupation. A back-injury pay-out is, often, the only saving grace from a terrible set of circumstances.  Pain relief can be an expensive business in the new world of compensation law, just ask Nurofen. Their back-pain medication was successfully accused of misleading advertising and the court awarded compensation to consumers of some $3.5 million.


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